Vibrating Wire sweep range selection

The Vibrating Wire sweep range selection is determined by the frequency range of the type of instrument you are reading.

This information is normally supplied in the instrument user manual or data sheet e.g. if the instrument has a specified frequency range of 1700 to 3000 Hz then select the smallest range that encompasses the instruments specified range.

If you do not know what type or what the specified frequency range is then set the sweep range to widest sweep range available and if the resultant reading is stable i.e. not changing by more than 1-2 digits, you can then set the sweep range to one which best covers this reading e.g. if the reading is 2500Hz then select the smallest sweep range that 2500Hz fits into allowing for future expected change in the instruments reading.

Make a note of the setting and the instruments serial number so that next time the instrument is read the correct sweep range can be selected.