Updating the VWnote firmware

This guide outlines the procedure for updating the VWnote device with the latest firmware version.

1. Using the link, download the latest firmware version and save it to the USB stick supplied with the VW note

2. With the VWnote unit turned off, press and hold the On button and the up arrow key simultaneously for 5 seconds.

3. ‘this is the advanced mode’ will appear onscreen.

4. Plug the USB stick into the port on the base of the VWnote.

5. Using the down key, scroll down to the ‘firmware update’ menu option. Select this using the right arrow key

6. The firmware version saved to the USB stick in step 1 will be displayed. Select this version with the right arrow key.

7. Press the Save button to confirm.

8. The unit will now reboot. The VWnote’s firmware has now been updated. Note that upon starting up, the VWnote briefly displays the firmware version installed. This can be used to check the update has successfully taken place.