Hardware required to connect to a Soil Instruments D1 Datalogger system

1. Introduction 

This guide details the operations needed to Setup the connection to a Soil Instruments Data Acquisition System (DAS). This is done by using the datalogger support software Loggernet software (D2-1.1).
2. Direct Connection

2.1  Hardware
On the CR800 and CR1000 there are two 9 pin ports that can be used for connecting into the data logger. These are the RS232 and CS I/O port (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1. CS I/O and RS-232 9 pin ports shown on a CR800 

Note: Some loggers will already have other peripherals attached to these ports eg. Modem or AVW200. If this is true ideally it is advised not to use these ports. If no other option but to remove one of the connections make sure they are re-connected in the same way. Removing some peripherals will mean that it is not possible for live readings to be taken.

2.1.1 Hardware for connecting using the RS232 Port
For connection using the RS232 port a male to female 9 pin RS232 serial cable is required (See Figure 2.).

Figure 2. RS232 Cable
Note: Most PCs and Laptops will have a 15 pin VGA output; this is not suitable for connecting the Logger via an RS232 Serial cable to.
This then needs to be connected to a PC or Laptop. Not all modern laptops and PCs will have the necessary serial output. To solve this a USB to RS232 cable (D1-3.11) can be used (See Figure 3.).

Figure 3. USB to RS232 Cable

2.1.2 Hardware for connecting using the CS I/O Port
For connecting using the CS I/O port of the data logger a special cable or adapter is need (See Figure 4.& 5.)

Figure 4. RS232 to CS I/O Cable

Figure 5. RS232 to CS I/O Adapter