'Not in calibration' pop-up appears on In_Port after recent calibration of digital inclinometer systems

1. Introduction

On return of a Soil Instruments Digital Inclinometer System from a service a 'Not in Calibration' message when starting In_Port can pop up. This will usually be caused by the field PC not being returned with the Inclinometer. This results in database on the field PC not being aware that a new calibration has been done.

2. Procedures

In the majority of situations following the first set of readings with the Inclinometer and field PC, and the subsequent downloading of readings from the database to create RPP files on the SD card, this will update the database so that when In_Port is next started the message will not appear.

If the message continues to appear you will need to take a backup of the database from the SD card (usually called 'DB_Inport2.sdf'). Then run the in port installer from the SD card, this will create a brand new database (overwriting the existing one, hence the back-up). Then run the default test site, taking a set of readings and then downloading the RPP files. Once this is done close in port re-open it and do the test run again, this time it should not throw up the calibration out of date. Having confirmed this is no longer present the backed up database can then replace the blank database on the SD card.