Archer 2 In-Port Download and Installation

1. Introduction

Occasionally, it may be necessary to reinstall the In-Port software to your Archer 2 field PC in order to solve an issue that has arisen.

It may also be the case that the software is no longer on the micro SD card in the field PC.

In this article we will cover how to download and install the In-Port software to an Archer 2 field PC.

2. Database Backup

If you have custom borehole sites set up in In-Port, or have data you wish to retain, you are going to need to make a backup of the In-port database file.

This file can be backed up by following the below procedure:
From the Archer 2 home screen, tap 'File Explorer' and then tap 'SD Card'

Connect your Archer 2 field PC to a desktop PC

Copy the file 'DB_Inport2' from your field PC to the desktop PC

3. Downloading and Installing In-Port

Visit the Software section of knowledge base site and download the correct version of In-Port.

Once downloaded, the file will need to be extracted on a desktop PC, you should now have two files and a folder, copy these to the 'SD Card' folder of the field PC.
Now navigate to the 'SD Card' folder on the field PC and tap 'sqlce.ppc.wce5.armv4i', install this file to the device.

Tap the In-Port installer, which will begin with either 'In_Port30' or 'In_Port 6090' and install this file to the device.

Now that In-Port has been successfully installed, you should restore your backed up database, if you created one.

To do this, simply copy the database from the location you backed it up to into the 'SD Card' folder on the field PC, overwriting the 'DB_Inport2' file created by the installation earlier.

Now you should see that In-Port works and your site setups are the same as they were before.

If you have any queries, or this has not solved you issue, please contact a Soil Instruments support engineer for assistance.